Don Walker - Sunday School Teacher

I have taught Sunday School in Southern Baptist churches for over 30 years now. In that time, I have used a great number of teaching aids and techniques to help convey to my students what God is telling us in His Word. But I must confess that after using Brother David's lesson notes, I can honestly say that you will not find a more complete human exposition of God's Word. For the teacher it is a storehouse of insight on the Bible text and timely illustrations that allow the light to shine on the truths of the lesson.
Brother David has graciously worked with our church to make it possible for us to distribute the lesson notes not only to our teachers but to all our members who wish to dig deeper into God's wonderful Word.

Here are just a few of the helpful features I have discovered in Brother David's lesson notes:
* A lesson introduction that gets the attention of the students
* References to multiple Bible translations to more fully explain the text
* Discussion questions to draw responses and to get students to share
* Key Points throughout the lesson to keep the heart of the message clear
* Reference Scripture to allow the Bible to interpret itself
* Insightful commentary that rightly divides the Word
* Illustrations sprinkled through the lesson that cast light on the Bible truth
* Closing remarks that bring home the truths of the lesson and help the students to remember the  

So if you are looking for a dynamic Spirit inspired study guide for your teaching staff, I wholeheartedly recommend that you give the "Divide-The-Truth" lesson notes a try.

Don Walker, Sunday School Teacher
Parkview Baptist Church, Tuscumbia, AL.

Casey Pearson-Minister of Education

For over 30 years I have been providing resources for Sunday School and Bible Study Teachers to enhance their study of God's Word.  David Brown's weekly lesson notes are consistently the best tool that I have found for motivation, examination, and application.  I have received more comments from our teachers of how helpful these notes are to aid them in their weekly preparation and without a doubt I could offer no better recommendation. 

David's Lesson Notes are always contemporary with great application and speak to the needs of those in our classes.  Please allow me to suggest that you consider using Divide-The-Truth to help you and your teachers rightly divide the Word of Truth.

Casey Pearson, Minister of Education
Kirby Woods Baptist Church, Memphis, TN

Dr. Roger D Mardis-Pastor

It is with much delight that I recommend to you the teaching ministry of David Brown and Divide the Truth Ministries. David is an excellent student of God's Word and he has become "a workman which needeth not to be ashamed."

Divide the Truth lessons are fair to the text, thorough in their presentation, and filled with contemporary illustrations and potential applications. I began providing these "guides" for my teachers in January 2004. Every teacher has been helped, encouraged, and blessed. I'm sure your teaching staff will likewise profit.
David's goal is to equip leaders and encourage students. I have no doubt this is being accomplished. I highly recommend this ministry.

Dr. Roger D. Mardis, Pastor
Agape Baptist Church, Scottsboro, AL

Keith Stewart - Minister of Education

Divide-The-Truth Sunday School notes are a great help to my teachers and their lesson preparation. They come from a Biblically conservative viewpoint and are presented in a verse-by-verse format. Also, good background material comes with each lesson.

You can count on truth with Divide-The-Truth Sunday School notes!

Keith Stewart, Minister of Education
First Baptist Church, Thomasville, GA

Jonathan Sims-Pastor

Bro. David Brown is a conservative Bible student and an excellent expositor of God's Holy Word. His passion is Bible-based Sunday School ministry within the local church. Having served alongside David for fourteen years, I have seen first-hand how richly his notes have helped our Sunday School Teachers to rightly divide the Word of truth. David's notes will greatly help your church and Sunday School to communicate the Word of God on a weekly basis. I highly recommend the notes.

Jonathan Sims, Pastor
Shelbyville Mills Baptist Church, Shelbyville, TN